Hello there! My name is Vincent, I'm a graphic/motion designer, audiovisual artist, and digital media guru.

In 2016 I graduated with great honor as a master in visual arts (graphic design) at the St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. After my studies, entangled with freelance work, and internship at Mirror Mirror I worked as a multimedia specialist in the automotive industry. I maintained the quality of digital and printed imagery for an enormous line of products for many different brands, working together with multiple in-house and outsourced teams, producing video and motion design work, and loads of smaller projects.

I went back to study at the LUCA School of Arts Brussels for a master's degree in arts education. I'm packed with an extensive wealth of technical expertise, knowledge, and skills. My teaching is primarily focused on the digital domain. I have more than an ambitious appetite for graphic design, visual arts, sound, and all things multimedia.

After years of research and experience as a specialist, intern, and freelancer, I have created extensive knowledge in image processing, graphic design, visual communication, illustration, motion, video, 3D visualization, and web design. The most popular grap hics software for image manipulation is part of my arsenal, but I have also touched on quite a few experimental and open source applications.

I am creative, inventive, adaptive, operate systematically, and explore deep substantive and conceptual views. Besides this passion for design and visual art, it is sound, music, and film that truly shapes me.