Honesis Pt. II

With Honesis Pt. II I depict the evolutionary state designers and artists go through using a number of formalistic details of science fiction films. In these films you often see animated landscapes or objects represented within the interfaces of displays. I use these abstract visuals and sounds as a symbol for evolution. The abstraction and structuration are a simulation of the process of distilling order from chaos, essential to the workflow of most designers and artists. The warning signals in science fiction films often serve as a focal point when encountered with a new unidentified object. I use this as a metaphor of bumping into a new catalyzer for potential evolution. Environment and culture that shapes personal beliefs and ideology. A new technical challenge that iterates and shapes a project in new ways.

Aurally I wanted to represent this concept in a sort of compressed and organically processed way, linking to the human mind’s memory. These soundtracks were produced through cutting, overlapping and editing a few sessions improvised knob-twiddling. I used recording, digital synthesis, granular treatments, frequency-shifting and all kinds of mixing techniques.

Using sharp pixels and pure RGB-values I generate a link to the original quality of the display-screen. In order to stay away from video and audio compression I used an environment called Unity that allowed me to visualize 3D artwork dynamically together with variable camera movement, shifting soundtrack and generative animation - creating a near endlessly different experience.

You can watch a small recording of the installation below, here’s a visual web-translation of the main projection and you can stream and download the soundtrack from Bandcamp.

Watch a 24-track playlist below, using the original soundtrack and screenrecordings of the generative visuals.

A few interactive selected stills below.

Contact me at MAIL@VINCENTVC.COM or +32/497.90.93.56